Writing Task 2: Traditional vs International Music

This is an example of IELTS writing task 2, and tries to answer question:
...why music is important and which one is more important, traditional or international music
In many countries, music has become a part of human lives. There are many kinds of music from traditional music to international music. This essay seeks to show the reasons why people need music and that music is a universal art so that traditional music is as important as international music.

There are a number of reasons why people indeed need music. First, music is a part of entertainment. Hearing music can make people more relaxed as well as relieve their tension and boredom. Furthermore music can affect our emotion. In other words, it can influence our feelings. Therefore, it can be one way to retain happy or sad stories.

It is undoubtedly accepted that music is a universal art. This means that traditional music is as important as international music. However, both types of music have positive and negative sides. On one hand, the traditional music of the country can show an identity of that country. The fact of the matter is that traditional music is a part culture and can show the uniqueness of the country – take Balinese traditional music, for example. However, young people sometimes think that traditional music is less interesting due to the influence of modernization. On the other hand, international music is widely known due to the fact that it uses international language that can be understood in many countries. In addition, it offers a simple and attractive type of music. However, this music cannot show the uniqueness or identity of a country.

To conclude, there are many reasons to explain why we need music. Moreover, all types of music have their positive and negative aspects, thus the importance is the same.

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