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Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 9

Q:Do you think it necessary to learn these skills?

A:Yes,these skills are important parts of traditional culture. We need all kind of skills for our life.

Section 4:
Q:Is there any difference between your parents' study and nowadays children?

A: In the age of my father childhood, children hardly had opportunities to learn at school, They learned Chinese and mathematics in a small classroom. Sometime there were 3 to 4 children in the classroom. Of course the number of the teachers were very small. But nowadays in China almost all the children have chances to go to school. There are 30 to 40 students in each classroom. There are more qualified teachers.

Q:Do schools teach non-academic courses?A:Yes, Schools teach the students a lot of practical courses, such as how to operate computers, do business and communicate with others.

Q:Should school responsible for teaching these non- academic courses?A:I think so, schools are responsible for teaching these non- academic courses for the purpose that their students could find a good job after graduation. If they cannot get a good job due to their lack of non-academic course, their schools are not responsible for their students.

topic 17
Q:tell me something about you hometown
A:My hometown is Xi'an,which is in the northwestern of China. It is famous for its sites ,especially for the terra cotta warriors, which is the one of the eight wonders of world. The weather is extremely cold in winter. The temperature is about minus 20 degrees, and in summer the weather is fairly hot, The temperature is about 40 degrees. Of course, spring and autumn are comfortable.

Q:the adventages and disadvantages living in your hometown
A:I think the adventage living in my hometown are as follows; Firstly the prices of all food and vegetables are much lower. Secondly people are very kind.The disadvantage is that the weather is extremely cold in winter and fairly hot in summer.

Q:,compare the clothes wearing in the work days and weekend
A: We wear western style clothes on duty, and on weekends. We like to wear T-shirts, jeans, sweaters. These clothes are more comfortable to wear.

Q:can you tell me something about the clothes which students wear
A: Students at school usually wear school uniform,which are white shirt and blue pants,there is a pattern of the school badge on the clothes.

tell me a family memeber who is similare to you
1,who is them
2,what does she or he looks like
3,why do you think you are similar next
Q:can you tell me the old structure about your grandparents time
A: There were a lot of members of family, such as dad .mom, about 3 sisters,5 brothers, at the same time, they had a lot of uncles and aunts. Namely they had a large family.

Q:can you tell the structure of chinese family changed for yourgrandparents' time
A: Now we have a small family, There is only one child,( son or daughter) in Chinese cities ,but in country sides each family has no more than 2 children., we have the family planning policy. The increase of the population has caused a lot of problems, such as education problems, environment, pollution .

topic 18
Q:The most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen $B!W%= (B
A:Last year, I had a business trip to Shandong province,I went to a beach ,where I think is the most beautiful natural scenery, The ocean is very blue. The sand on the beach is pretty clean. There is no pollution.

Q:how should we protect these natural scenery $B!W%= (B
A: We should legislate laws to protect these scenery. In addition we should notice the consciousness of environment.

Q:what measures has the government taken to protect these natural
scenery $B!W%= (B

A:I think the government have legislated a lot of laws to protect the natural scenery. and give some education for environment protection

Q:what effect do you think have they done?
A: After government taking some measures ,our environment will have a great improvement.

Topic 19
Q;what do you do?
A:I am a computer engineer. I work for a hi-tech company.

Q:do you like your job,why?
A:yes I do,my job have bring me a lot of fun.???

Q:what's your hobby?
What's your favorite sport,why,when did you begin?what merit does it have?
What do you think the balanceboth work and leisure?
topic 20
Q: where is your home town?
A:: My home town is &&&.

Q:what's advantage and disavantages of your home town?
A: advantage is that it's that its economy is &&&&, disavantage is air pollution. and if you go on street wearing a white shirt,when you reach the destination, you can find your collar dark

Q:let's talk about the western music. Can you tell me the western music's impact on the world music?
A:The western music is definitely great. Often the symphony is long while most of china's music is in small pieces. Western music and Chinese ones are totally different. They are actually a great merit to human merit.

Q: why they are a great merit?
A: because they are ???.......

Q: do you think it's necessary to open a music course in high school?
A: Of course. There are usually one or two hours each week used for teaching music.I think there should be more, such as at least three or more.

Q: why?
A: Because music can do good for students . It can elicit the imagination of the children. It can teach them how to distinct beauty from nature.

Q; It's often much easier for children to learn music than adults. Can you tell why?
A: That's because it's important to have soft fingers and palms to learn music mechanisms, such as guitar. Children have more flexible fingers and are more likely to find correct feelings.

Q: ok.ok. do you like music?
a: Yes. I like singing, especiallly in front of many people. I often sing for my friends. when they praise me , i feel happy.

topic 21
Q: name
Q: work
Q: work plan in the future
Q: how frequent do you read?
A: Sometimes.

Q: what do you like to read the best?
A:I like to read caricature the best. It is very funny

Q: where do you like to read?
A: Sometime I read at the library or at the bookstore. Most of the bookstores are open,we can read books without buying them.
on the test card

Q: talk about your favorite restaurant.
Q: why do you like it?
extension of the card topic
Q:your opinions on fast food.
Q:general ideas about fast food among Chinese.
Q: what do you think about science in food processing/production.
Q: what is your opinion on food production and the world's population.
Q: your favorite transport and the tool of travel
A: If the trip is not long, I like to use my motorcycle, If trip is long, Ilike to take buses, coach trains or planes.

Q:Now many people buy car, who buy and the benefit of using a car,
A: Normally, if a car is important or necessary to his work or to his hobby and he has enough money to buy and maintain a car,I think he will buy a car.,

Q:and imagine the transport in the future.
A: Transportation in the future is much safer and faster. And more environmentally

Topic 24:
Q:What do you do?
A:I am a computer engineer,I work for a hi-tech company.

Q:work duty?
A:I am in charge of developing softwares.

Q:do you like your job ?
A: Yes. I do. If I finish a software,I will feel happy.

Q:if your are asked to change your job, what will you do ?
A:I will become a doctor ,and I hope to research new medicine for patients and save the patients who are suffering from cancer and AIDS,Ithink this is the most important things.

Q:what do you do at the weekend ?
A: If I have money, I like to go shopping, If I have not enough money I like to look at the show windows, sometimes I like to play with my wife and my the park
Q:what do you like to play?
A:sometime I like to play card with my friends,

Topic :interesting trip ,
Q:do chinese like to travel?why?
A:I think everyone likes to travel in China, but about 20 years ago, Chinese people have little money to travel ,with the open policy more and more Chinese people like to travel, because they have more time and money for travel.

Q:what are the defferences the chinese tour between now and 100 years
A:I think the most big difference is transportation tools, Now there are planes, trains,coaches ,buses and motocycles for travel ,but 100 years ago they used animals or travel,such as horse on land, camel in desert.

Q:what holiday do chinese like to tour,and where?
A:generally speaking,chinese people like to travel in the national days the spring festival,and international labour day,because in these holidays,we have a long holidays about 7 days.most people make use of these holiday to travel sceneries such as famous mountains,museums,and galleries.

Q:what is aim of gengral tour
A:to know outside world.and to enjoy their life

topic 25;
Q;what does the advertisement effect on sports?
A:well,we can see a lot of advertisements in sports stadium,I think,the more advertisements in the sports,the the more successfully the sports games hold,because the sport oragniser will get more money from advertisements and then do their best .

Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 8

extension of the card topic
Q: your opinions on fast food
A: In my opinion, fast food is not healthy so it is not suitable for us to eat so frequently, but fast food is convenient and it can save our time and money. Some foreign fast foods such as Mcdonald's and KFC are very attractive for children because they have the different taste from Chinese ones.(??) the environment is very clean and beautiful.sometimes (??) they send our children toys as presents.

Q: general ideas about fast food among Chinese.
A:Chinese fast food,sometimes,is dirty ???

Q: what do you think about science in food processing/production.
A:I am not an expert for nutrition. I think the science in food process would not destroy the nutrition factor and not add any harmful ingredients such as additive, coloring matter and at the same time, it is conducive to protect our environment.

Q: what is your opinion on food production and the world's population.
A: The population is over 6 billion all over the world. There will not enough food for people to eat. So we should save the food and should not waste any food.

Topic 13
Section 1:
Q:What's you full name?
A:My first name is x,my given name is xx, but most of people call me li gong, lt means li engineer.

Q:Do you work or still a student?
A:I am a engineer in a high technology company.

Q:Do you like your current job?
A:I like my job, because I find it very interesting. I have achieved my goals many times in my job, for example publishing some articles, finishing some complicated projects.

Q:How much languages can you speak?
A: I can speak Mandarin ,Cantonese, English and a few Japanese.
Q:What do you think Foreign language to people?
A:I think foreign languages are important to us, especially in the age of hi-tech info and globalization, If we can understand foreign languages, it is easy to communicate with foreigners.

Q:Future's plan?
A: My plan is to improve my English first, and then to find another better job. I hope to get a wonderful achievement in the field of my study.

Section 2:
Q:Building: where/what use for/why interesting?
A:I am from Foshan. In my city there is a interesting building which is called the Baihua plaza. This building is located in the center of my city. It has 65 stories. It is the highest building in my city. It is used for offices from over the 10th floor. It is also used as a shopping mall from the first floor to the 8th floor. We can buy everything we need , such as foods, clothes cosmetics, stationery, sports goods . The most interesting floor is on 9th floor. It is a food street where we can taste not only foreign foods and other province foods but also we can eat my hometown foods .especially the noodle of my hometown, The price of the dishes are very low and there are no problems as for hygiene so I like them very much.. I like to visit the food street on weekends.

Section 3:
Q:Are there some old buildings in your hometown?
A: My hometown is Xi'an .It is an ancient city. There are many old buildings there, such as temples ,ancient city walls, towers.
Q:Where and Describe it.
A: The bell tower was built in about 500 years ago. Its height is about 20 meters. There is a great bell in the tower, It maybe tell their life period.

Q:What people's attitudes to old building today?
A:I think the old buildings have a lot of attractions to us. And at the same time there are some research values for ancient architectural technology.

Q:Should we protect them? Why?
A: We should protect them. (??)first they can bring tour income for our country,second they are of research value.finally they are the culture inheritance from our ancestors(??)

Q:What role do you think the old and modern buildings play in the society.
A: The old buildings symbolize the ancient culture and civilization but modren buildings express modern cultures and civilization. (??)They are supplements each other(??).

Topic 14
What's your full name?
Do you work or study now?
Tell me something about your job.
Do you plan to change your job?
What's your future plan?
Q:Tell me something about the accommodation you live in, either here or in your hometown
A: I live in an apartment. We have two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and of course one restroom . The size of my apartment is about 100square meters.

Q:What's the advantage and the disadvantage of your accommodation?
A: The advantage is that my accommodation has sufficient sunlight from the windows, and a good ventilation system. And the disadvantage is that there are some noise because it is near the centre of the city.

Q:What's the weather like in your hometown? Which season do you like most?
A: In my hometown, it is extremely cold in winter. The temperature is about minus 15 degrees. Normally there are some storm snow but in summer it is fairly hot.The temperature is about 33 degrees. In spring and autumn, it is very nice. I like autumn the best because the weather is crispy and we can eat delicious fruits such as watermelons, apples, oranges.

Describe one sport that you like to play or watch most.
1. How do you begin to like it?
2. Why you like it?
3. How often do you play or watch it?
4. And explain why you prefer this sport to other sports?
A1: I like to go swimming the best, In my hometown there is a large pond. When I was a child, I began to learn how to swim in the pond. So I can swim very well, I like swimming very much. We can exercises every parts of our body by swimming. It can especially extend our vital capacities. In my high school days I got a swimming champion. I had much confidence of swimming by getting this prize. In addition swimming is an individual sport. I can swim anytime if the public swimming pool is open. But as for other sports such as football, basketball are team sports, if I want to play those ,I must organize several people. Many people are very busy, it is very difficult for me to organize them.This is the main reason why I like swimming rather than other sports. I usually swim with my daughter in our city public swimming pool on every weekend.

A2: I like to watch NBA game. When I was in high school. I began to watch NBA. It is wonderful and all the players have comprehensive skills. It is usually blood-and-thunder. Sometimes in the last one second maybe a team defeats the another team and win the game instead of losing. I am sure you agree watching such games is really enjoyable. If there is a NBA game on TV, I can surely catch the game. No matter how late it is NBA players win the game by skills and cooperate privacy. We know each player is professional and has special skill.

A3:I like to play badminton. I began to play it about 20 years ago. In those days I was in high school, I usually played it with my classmates after school. I also played it at university. I play it with my daughter and my wife on weekends.

Q:What's the difference between watching sports on TV and in the stadium?
A: Watching them in the stadium is more exciting than doing on TV. The more exciting atmosphere comes from the players and the audience. Especially the audience always get very excited by a wonderful goal but watching games on TV at home is less exciting. This is why some of my friends like to watch the football games at midnight. They usually get sleepy before the game finish.

Q:Why people like to watch sports on TV?
A:I think watching sports on TV does not cost a lot of money. We do not need to buy any entrance tickets. Sometimes it is impossible for us to watch the game. (??) At the spot some games hold in another place,such as in foreign countries.(??) Watching sports on TV is safer than doing at the stadium because after the football games sometimes there are some riots among the fans on the street.

Q:What do you think the importance of playing sports?
A: I think it is very important for us to play sports ,in the age of hi-tech information ,a lot of people have stress even after work, so playing sports can relax us physically and mentally.

Q:If someone don't like sport, how do you push him or her?
A: I can tell them the importance of sports , then I ask them to take part in the sports activities. I can teach them its skills. I think they will gradually be interested.

Q:Do you think playing too many sports is harmful? Why?
A:I think so. Everything has the limit including our bodies, too.(??Many sports will break the limit,we will feel uncomfortable,so our bodies will be harmful,(??)

Q:disadvantage and advantage of watching and playing sports $B!# (B)
A: Playing sports can exercise our body. If we win the game, we will be happy but playing sport too much makes us tired.(??) Watching sports is comfortable but they have little happiness when game
win(??),and watching sports cannot exercise our bodies.

Topic 15
Part I
$B!W%"!#!V (B what's your name
$B!W%$!#!V (B Where are you come from?
$B!W%&!#!V (B Can you describe your home town?
$B!W%(!#!V (B Compare ShenZhen with your hometown , why did you decide to live in shenzhen?
A:My hometown is in countryside. Shenzhen is a modern city. The countryside is a quiet place. There are more modern entertainment and educational facilities and rich and colorful night lives in big cities , so in China most people like city lives.

Part II
Q:Introduce your hobby,why do you like it ?
A:I like to play chinese chess with my friends, although what I win is more than what I lose, but I like it very much because Chinese chess is a mind game and playing this game can improve our intelligence.

Q:What do you think about the balance between the work and the leisure.
A:I think when we are working we must do our best. We should enjoy our leisure time after work. No matter how busy we are ,we should find some time to entertain ourselves.leisure

Part III
Q: Introduce the eaten habit of the Chinese people
A:I think in the north China people like to eat the food made of wheat, such as mantou, noodle. On the other hand people in south China they like rice. In some provinces like Sichuan, Hunan ,they like spicy foods. In addition, people in north like to drink wine. People in south like to drink beer. I think these eating habits may be different because of the differences of weather.

Q:Tell what shall you do in the future
A; I plan to make much money by my ability and wisdom. Then I am to travel around the world with my wife and my daughter. All of us like to travel. We have travelled many sightseeing spots around my country. I also plan to write a book about my travel memories.

Topic 16
Section 1: What's ur full name?
Do you work now? or still a student?
Do you like your current job?
Future plan.
Describe your accommodation, and its advantages and disadvantages.
Do you like cooking? Why?

Section 2: What do you plan to learn in the future?
Why do you want to learn it?
Where and how will you learn it?
A:I will continue to learn the computer technology. I can learn the latest technology.His specialty is computer science, I like it at the same time, I make a living for computer technology.I will learn it at my work time or my spare time at my office, at library, or at home.

Section 3:
Q:What's the most important skill nowadays?
A:In the age of hi-tech info, I think the most important skill is IT. If someone has a great skill in IT nowadays I think it is very easy for him to find a job with a high salary.

Q:Are there any traditional skill in your country? what are they?
A:the traditional skills include sculptor (who know how to sculpture),sewer (who know how to make clothes), chef (who know how to cook food),carpenter or architect (who know how to build house) and so on.

Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 7

Q:tell me the way you make friends with others. and you think what people should be your friends?
A:I make friends in many ways, for example introducing my friends to other ones, sometimes with Internet. I believe in the maxim "prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them" I can give my friend help if he needs, but if he did not do the same for me when I need, I will not consider him my friend .

TOPIC 5: festival
Q: describe the festival in your country:
(Chinese New Eve:1.dinner(family gathering);
2.special programme on CCTV to welcome the CNY; Chinese New Years Day:1.visiting relatives;2.friends visiting.(all eating/drinking);
the rest of the;2.sightseeing.)

A: In China, the spring festival is the most important festival. It is just like a Christmas in the western countries. During the spring festival, we have seven-day holidays. We usually go back to our parents' home and get together. It is the only time that all of the stores are closed. We make delicious food for the gatherings. We usually visit our friends and relatives on Chinese Year's Eve. We watch CCTV special program for the spring festival.

Q: describe your latest travel in detail. with whom?
and the destination,it take u how long to get to the destination.
A: Last month I went on a trip to Xi'an with my wife and my daughter. We went there by train .It took about 20 hours from Guangzhou to Xi'an, I admit that Xi'an is my hometown. I have not gone back to see my parents for 4 years, We miss my family very much. After arriving Xi'an, we visited one of the 8th wonders of the world. That is terracotta warriors. My wife and I have visited several times before. I have long wanted to show my daughter the wonder of the world. This is the first time she visited. Unfortunately she did not like them. I thought she was too young to enjoy them.She is only 12 years old.

Q:describe the natrual scene.some intersting things happened during ur tavel?
can u describe it for me? ur reason to travel is what?
A: The terrocotta warriors is the tomb of Qinshihuang emperor about 2000 years ago ,who is the first emperor in China history. In his tomb, there are thousands of terracotta warriors and horses.These terracotta warriors are lifelike(??),also there are lots of ancient weapons such as swords, spears and so on. It is said that the swords are very sharp-edged now.If you visit the museum, you will find how magnificent it is.

Q:give me some opinion on the transportation in ur city.
A: My city is Foshan. Here the public transportation are mainly buses and trains. There are no planes.People own motorcycles and bikes for transportations . Motorcycles are very popular and convenient. More and more people have private cars. Because of the preverances of those, environmental pollution is a very serious problem here. We should develop the public transportations and restrict private motorcycles and cars. By doing so, the environment can be proctected a bit.

Q: compare the different transportation,such as between plane,train,car.
A: Generally speaking, planes are the safest traffic transportation.It is very fast, but the flight tickets are very expensive in China. If you have a long distance trip more than 800 kilometers ,we should take planes . Trains are much cheaper than planes. If your destination is located near the train station and within 300 kilometers, you should take trains. They are more comfortable than planes. (??) of course,you take a plane or a train,you must catch plane or train by plane or train the most convenient tool is car,you can travel anytime and anywhere you like.

Q:can u just image the transportation in the future and describe it for me?
A: The transportations in the future will be much more useful , safer and (??)Maybe it runs on land,on water and on air

Q:just compare the transportation in the past and now. u like what transportation and why.
A:In China, long long time ago ,people used horse, cows, on foot. Then it has changed into bikes trains, Now we can travel by plane, train, bus, car, motorcycle. I personally like motorcycles, because they are very convenient.

Q:describe the role music play in our life.
A:I think music plays the important role of our life. It makes our life brighter. When we are happy, we want to listen to music for pleasure. When we are blue, we can be encouraged by listening to music. It helps us to forget the sad things. It makes us feel comfortable.

Q:what effects will take place u think to let children study an instrument?
A;I think some children like music and they are interested in learning instruments such as piano, violin, dulcimer, electronic organ and so on. If they have music talents, they can become musicians .But some children hate to learn music instruments. If they are forced to learn by parents, they will not be able to learn music and other subjects such as English, mathematics, Chinese.

Q:u like music or not?why?u think music play what role in ur life?
A: I like music so so.When I was young, I did not learn any musical instruments, I liked reading books listening to music after work.

Q:describe the music u like most and tell me why?
A:I like some Chinese classic music, and western symphony such as Spanish corrida music. I like rhythmical and strong music.

Q: u like what clothes?
A:I like the clothes which are comfortable for me to wear. I especially like sweat shirts, T-shirts and jeans

Q:the prescript on clothes when u r working?
A: Because I work for new high technology company ,all the male colleagues wears western-style clothes. They includes ties, white shirts, black suits, and black shoes. but female colleagues wears black skirts. The main reason for this is to establish a gooa enterprise image.

Q:and just the prescript on clothes in school.
A: In China school clothes are blue trousers, white shirts.There is a picture or name of the schools.

Q:the different between the older and younger people on clothes.
A: Generally speaking, young people like to wear fashionable clothes. but older people like to wear traditional ones.

describe a meaningful thing made by yourself.
The most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen.
where did you see it?
who did you go with.

A: Last year I went to the seaside for a trip with my wife and daughter.The scenery there was very beautiful. It is the most natural scenery I have ever seen.The ocean was blue. There are a lot of seagulls flying over the sea. And the sand beach was clean. There were no pollution there. A large number of people go enjoy swimming, sun bathing. playing with children.

Topic 12
Q: name
A: My full name is xxx. My family name is x and my given name is xx. Most of my friends call me "old li"(I have heard that "old " means "useless person" in western countries???)

Q: work
A:I am a computer engineer. My job is to analyze computer system and to develop soft wares such as OA system (office automatization),industry control and enterprise management and so on,

Q: work plan in the future
A: My work plan is to finish my task assigned to my boss and to improve my knowledge constantly. Computer technology is developing so fast.

Q: how frequent do you read?
A: In my spare time I like reading including history, newspaper, of course my computer books.

Q: what do you like to read the best?
A:I like to read computer books the best. because they are interesting and they are very important for my improvement of my job skills.

Q: where do you like to read?
A:Sometimes I enjoy reading at home, sometimes in our city library where there are a lot of new books.

Q: talk about your favorite restaurant. why do you like it?
A: There is a food street near my home. It has various kinds of foods such as Japanese, Italian and domestic foods from other regeional ones for example sichuan spicy food. shanxi food. On the food street, not only can we taste foreign foods and other regional foods but also eat my hometown foods, especially the noodles in my hometown, The foods are very cheap and clean. So I like them very much .

Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 6

describe a teacher you like or dislike
8)useful machine
for example: you can talk about computer
9)national dish

Real interviews

Q: Describe the best present/gift you have received Requirement:
i. Who send it?
ii. When did you receive it?
iii. Detail information about the present.

A: I have a Japanese friend. His name is Naoki Watanabe.I met him in Guangdong Sanyo company in 1997. We worked together there for 3 months. Last year, he visited me in golden week. He gave me the Walkman which is made in Sony in Japan.I use it for listening to English.It is small and delicate(exquisite ,fine),it is just as same as casette tapes.The color is light purple and it has a very clear voice.He told me that the price of walkman was 10,000 yen.(ten thousand yen,about90 u.s dollars) It helps me a lot for improving my English.I usually take it with me to listen to English after work .

Q:In China, when will people send the present?
A:In China,firstly,people send gifts on special holidays,such as in Spring festival, we give our parents money,clothes,etc.Or we give our children red bags with some money,It means that we give them a next year's good luck.again,in a friend or relative's wedding,we usually give bride or groom a gift,the wedding gife includes money,craftwork,flower,new clothes and life necessities,also,on someone's birthday,we give him or her a gift,the birthday gift includes birthday card, flower, new clothes ,secondly when close friends will part, they will give some souvenir gifts each other for happy memories of their friendship.

Q: Compare the gift which people have received 10 years ago to the present that people now are receiving, what's the difference between them?
A: Ten years ago, the gifts people received were simpler and cheaper ,but nowadays they are pretty fine by appearance, higher quality, more beautiful packaging I think people will send flowers as gifts, They are beautiful and cool, especially flowers can be used in all aspects both good thing and bad thing.

Q: What do you think are the differences between families in and past and today, and what have caused these changes?
A:In China, about 20 years ago families were large, $B!! (Bgenerally $B!! (B, $B!! (Beach family had at least 4 or 5 members,but now they are small,especially in big cities,they have one child.In countryside,they have no more than two children.The main reason for this is that we have the family planning policy,which is permitted to have one child.This policy has been executed for about 20 years.

Q: What has your government done to support families?
A: Our government provide the policy to encourage us to receive aids of money if we are too poor

Q: What is the interesting building in you country/city?
What is it located?
What is used for?
Explain why you think it is the most interesting?

A:I am from Foshan. In my city, there is an interesting building whose name is Baihua plaza. It is located in the center of my city It has 65 storeies, and is the highest building in my city.It is used for offices on 10th floor and over,It also has shopping mall from the first floor to the 8th floor.We can buy everything, such as foods, clothes, cosmetics, stationery , sports goods, and so on.The most interesting floor is on the 9th floor. It ha s a food street where you can eat various kinds of foods, such as Japanese foods, Thai foods, French foods.I like to visit there on weekends.

Q: What do you think are the differences between your grandpa's house and your building.
A: My grandpa's house is made of wood and soil. It is not strong.On the other hand ,my house is made of steel and concrete. So it is strong. In addition , his house is small. It is about 30 square meters and mine is large, about 100 square meters.

Q:do you enjoy cooking ,why?
A:I like cooking. I came to be fond of cooking.I can cook what I like. If I have enough time, I can cook for my family.

Q: what is your best friend? And how you met
A: My best friend is Mr.Sheng. I met him in 1993.He is my colleague.When I came to Foshan for the first time, I had difficulty in looking for my job. He encouraged and supported me.We have a lot common in hobby, such as playing Chinese chess, badminton

Q: Think of a person in your family that is the most similar to you.
Who is this person?
How is he/she similar to you?
A: My brother is the most similar to me. He is 5 years older than I, We are the same height. We are one point seven meters and have the same many hobbies, for instance we like to go swimming , playing Chinese chess, and reading.In addition to these, we are very alike. Some of my colleagues get confused who I am . We have a sense of humor and like to make friends.

Q: What kind of family is yours? Is it of a typical family structure in China?
A: My family is large, I have Dad , Mom, two sisters ,four brothers. Our relations are very strong. We usually help with each other. I am very proud of my family. My brothers, sisters and I has already got married. Everyone has one or two children. I think my family is a typical one.

Q: What do you think are the differences between families in and past and today, and what have caused these changes?
A:, About 20 years ago they were large in China. Each family had at least 4 or 5 children, but nowadays they are small, especially in big cities. In countrysides they have no more than two children.
The main reason for this change is that we have the family planning policy, which allows us to have one child. This policy has been executed for about 20 years.

Q:What is the interesting building in you country/city?
Where is it located?
what is used for? Explain why you think it is the most interesting?
Q:what do your think the difference between adult and children making friend?
A: Children make friends just for playing, if a child can play with another one,they will become good friends,and the friendship between children is more lily-white and na? ve.but adult make friends in many aspects,including play,business partner,colleague,anyone who has common in some aspeects each other.of course,the friendship has some profits for them.