Describing Someone

This posting is an example as to how to describe someone. Find out the useful expressions used and important vocabulary when describing someone's education and carieer. This article is taken from my English for Academic Purposes and was corrected by my English teacher at IALF Bali.


Erni graduated from the Economics Faculty of Gadjah Mada University in 2003. Her major field of study was accountancy, so her degree is Bachelor of Accounting.
Erni has been working in the Representative Office of Makasar, Supreme Audit Board of Indonesia, since she graduated from university. Currently, she is in charge of South Sulawesi III Division as an auditor.

She says that she would not change her career. She enjoyed her first job very much She is very interested in her job because she can travel to many places in South Sulawesi Province when she conducts an audit. However, she sometimes is not happy with her employment conditions because she can’t always fully express herself. Occasionally, she gets bored when she has to do monotonous work.

She usually works from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. When she conducts an audit of local government, she sometimes works long hours and feels under pressure. However, she gets a good salary and also rewards from her employer. Erni trained to be a junior expert auditor for three months in Jakarta. Her employer always provides professional development opportunities for her.