Writing Task 2: Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

This is an example of IELTS writing Task 2, which tries to answer the question:
...to what extent do you agree that exploring and finding safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priotity ?
There are some who argue that using coal and oil to generate electricity is undoubtedly an effective method. However, others still contend that burning these fuels has many harmful effects on the environment. This essay seeks to show that exploring and developing safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the first global priority today due to many benefits especially for the future.

Nowadays, fossil fuels have been exploited widely as sources of energy especially in generating electricity. Fortunately, these sources are still available, in which some countries even have abundant supplies. In addition, these sources have already been used for a long time and thus the processes and procedures are well known. Economically, this technique is more effective because it is not necessary to develop new technology. It has also created many industries and involves lots of employees.

Along with these benefits, however, using fossil fuels as a source of energy has caused many negative consequences for the environment. The burning of these fuels has increased greenhouse gases that have contributed to global warming. This means that we need safe alternatives to fossil fuels to save our future. For instance, the exploration of hydropower and solar power as a source of energy has been applied in some countries. This is an eco-friendly method and can provide lots of energy. Another method to consider is nuclear power. Although it was preceded by some accidents, nuclear power is by far safer and cheaper as well as able to provide unlimited energy. It necessarily follows that the exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels is the most important thing today.

In conclusion, although the supplies of fossil fuels are still enough in many countries, I believe that using safe alternatives to fossil fuels can insure the sustainability of our environment and rescue our next generations.
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