Comparing and Contrasting

This writing is an example of how to compare and contrast one thing to another. The important thing here is how to use the connecting words. This example is comparing and contrasting the condition of two families. This is taken from my EAP course and was corrected by my English teacher.

The welfare of a family is determined by how well they fulfil their basic needs for food, housing, and security. In addition, it is also shown by how people can spend their leisure and how many properties or possessions they have. The differences in life of two families are shown in the comparisons and contrasts of the Regzen family and the Ketut family.
The Regzen family live on the outskirts of Ulan Bator, capital of Monglia. The environment where they live is heavily polluted. Similarly, the Ketut family live far from a city, in a village in Bangli, a province of Bali. However, the environment where the Ketuts live has little pollution and is a very comfortable place to live. The Regzens’ house, which measures about 19 square meters, is a one-room ger (tent). In contrast, the Ketuts’ house is a permanent house made of concrete, which measures about 80 square meters and consists of three bedrooms, one family room, and one kitchen.
There are six persons in the Regzen household i.e. Regzen Batsuury, his wife, their two children, and Regzen’s sister and her daughter. The Ketuts are like the Regzens in household size. Ketut and his wife have two children, and they also live with Ketut’s parents. Regzen’s daughter is nine years old and attends the local school, while the son is still too young. Ketut’s children are similar to Regzen’s. Ketut’s son is eight years old and attends the primary school, and the daughter is also still younger than two.

Regzen is a truck driver and freelance construction worker. His wife works in the pharmacy of the local hospital. On the other hand, Ketut is a government employee, which is a steady job, and Ketut’s wife is only responsible for housework.
The Regzen family has fewer possessions than the Ketut family. The Regzens only have one television. They don’t have radios, telephones, computers or cars. Conversely, the Ketuts have many electronics such as a television, a radio, and a telephone. Neither family have computers or cars. However, Ketut has a motorcycle.
In conclusion, they have a different social status. The Regzens live in poverty, whereas the Ketuts have a better social status including a better occupation and much more property and possessions than the Regzens.