Describing a process: Camera

In IELTS writing task 1, sometimes we are asked to describe a process. Here, I present an example of how to describe the development of the camera. Unfortunately, I cannot present the diagram or picture, but we can learn the expression, structure, and connecting word used.

The diagrams illustrate how the camera has developed since its invention in 1893. Basically, the design of all cameras is similar. They consist of two main parts i.e. body and lens.

There are some considerable similarities between all cameras. The shape of all cameras from the Daguerrotype to the Digital camera is roughly rectangular. Another similarity is the lenses on the front of the cameras, which are cylindrical in shape.

The development of the camera from 1839 to 2000 is characterized by a number of significant differences. First, the structure of the cameras has considerably changed. The first camera is made of wood, the 1888 Kodak No.1 and 1925 Leica 1 are made of metal, and the 2000 Digital camera is made of plastic. Second, the size of the cameras has gradually become smaller. The 1839 Daguerrotype is 36 cm in length, while the Kodak and Leica are approximately half the size of the first one, and the Digital camera is only 8 cm in length. Finally, the features of the cameras have also developed from the simple to the more complex types, which have LCD screens, Internet connections and zoom lenses.

Overall, although the basic concept of the camera has remained the same since it was invented, there have been many changes in the development of the camera.

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