Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 5

14. Reading

Do you often read newspapers? What's is your reading everyday?( how frequent do you read? what do you like to read the best , I read newspapers everyday, such as Workers Daily, Henan Daily. I enjoy reading. It is so interesting to see how other people live and it is really an amazing way to learn about different cultures. In addition, reading can do good to us very much. It can elicit the imagination of us . I also like to read the China Today and China Daily. Both of these magazines are in English , and it is a good
way for me to improve my English.

1) Do you like to discuss with others when you read books ?
Yes, I do . Because it is easy to understand the difficulty of books.
2) How long do you read ?
Usually, I read books or newspapers for 1 hour before I go to bed.
3) where do you like to read ?
In the library, because there are all kinds of books which I can read.


Decribe a handcraft which is made by yourself Kite flying is popular in China. Kites are often played with around the Qingming Festival in April. I like kites very much and I can make kites myself. Once, I made a kite . It was a beautiful swallow. Firstly , I collected 3 sticks and paper. The paper was adorned with paintings. Secondly , I used 3 sticks to control the paper , one linked to its neck , the other two linked with its wing. And then , the work was completed . The kite flew lightly in the sky as if the swallow was greeting the coming of the spring season. (2000/6 )

What handcraft are there in China? ?
Folk papercuts , lanterns and kites , shadow play etc.

16 . Restaurant on the test card
1) talk about your favorite restaurant.
2) why do you like it?

Sichuan dish features pungent , spicy and salty flavors and tend to go well with rice. Sichuan Restaurant is the largest restaurant in Anyang City. The restauran t is a beautiful , clean and it's price is cheap. My wife and I often have dinner in the restaurant on the weekend. Stir--Fried Shredded Beef is one of the restau rant's best dishes. It's made of fresh tenderloin and celery . Condiments include vinegar, rice wine and ginger etc. When finished cooking , the beef is red and the vegetables are green. The dish is very delicious.

extension of the card topic

1) What is the general ideas about fast food among Chinese people?
Although fast food has little nutritional value , but it is a blessing forbusy people .Few people eat fast food all the time-- usually for breakfast and/or lunch--so they can help to balance their diet by eating a sensible evening meal. And I like to eat fast food.

2) what do you think about science in food processing(production)?
Scientific processing(production) is important. Because it can keep us healthy.

3) what is your opinion on food production and the world's population.

At present, it's difficult to provide enough food for world's population. So, on the one hand, we should limit population of world. On the other hand, we should manage to provide enuogh food.

17. Environment protect

Is there any pollution in your city?

( In Anyang City , pollution is serious. )With the development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste is produced. Most of this waste is harmful. It goes into the water , the soil and the air. Especially the air is often made very dirty by factories. In places around big factories , trees and vegetables are often killed by the bad air. Also, when we breathe the air , harm will be done to our health. Fortunately, people are beginning to realize just how serious the whole situation is. Government is taking measures to prevent pollution.

1)What has your government done to prevent pollution
The measures are:
(1)First, all new projects are to have lower discharge levels ;
(2) Second, all sources of pollution must be identified and monitored.
(3)Third, all enterprises should assure a clean and safe work place .

18. Learn

What do you plan to learn in the future?
Why do you want to learn it?
Where and how will you learn it?

I plan to learn computer science in the future. I am very interested in it. There are too many things that I don't know about computers. Also, computers play an important role in our life and are of great use in every field. I think the whole society will be computerized soon. I need more knowledge in this field to meet the great demands of the application of computers. If things go well , I 'd like to further my study in computer science and I want to work on my Master's degree in Canada.

1)What's the most important skill nowadays?
I think it is computer. Because computers play an important role in our life and are of great use in every field.

2)Are there any traditional skill in your country? what are they?
Yes, such as sewing and weave cloth. I remembered that my grandmother used to sew clothes herself. But now, few people can do it.

3)Do you think it necessary to learn these skills?
No, I just don't like to spend much time on sewing. Because we can buy all kinds of clothes in shop.

4)Is there any difference between your parents' study and nowadays children?
In the past, when our parents studied in school, educational conditions were very poor. But now, children are lucky enough because government provides much better facilities and staff.

5)Do schools teach non-academic courses?
Yes, of course ,such as music, physical education, and painting etc.

6)Should school responsible for teaching these non-academic courses?
Yes, of course. Because school should stress student's moral , intellectual and physical development in a comprehensive way.