Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 7

Q:tell me the way you make friends with others. and you think what people should be your friends?
A:I make friends in many ways, for example introducing my friends to other ones, sometimes with Internet. I believe in the maxim "prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them" I can give my friend help if he needs, but if he did not do the same for me when I need, I will not consider him my friend .

TOPIC 5: festival
Q: describe the festival in your country:
(Chinese New Eve:1.dinner(family gathering);
2.special programme on CCTV to welcome the CNY; Chinese New Years Day:1.visiting relatives;2.friends visiting.(all eating/drinking);
the rest of the;2.sightseeing.)

A: In China, the spring festival is the most important festival. It is just like a Christmas in the western countries. During the spring festival, we have seven-day holidays. We usually go back to our parents' home and get together. It is the only time that all of the stores are closed. We make delicious food for the gatherings. We usually visit our friends and relatives on Chinese Year's Eve. We watch CCTV special program for the spring festival.

Q: describe your latest travel in detail. with whom?
and the destination,it take u how long to get to the destination.
A: Last month I went on a trip to Xi'an with my wife and my daughter. We went there by train .It took about 20 hours from Guangzhou to Xi'an, I admit that Xi'an is my hometown. I have not gone back to see my parents for 4 years, We miss my family very much. After arriving Xi'an, we visited one of the 8th wonders of the world. That is terracotta warriors. My wife and I have visited several times before. I have long wanted to show my daughter the wonder of the world. This is the first time she visited. Unfortunately she did not like them. I thought she was too young to enjoy them.She is only 12 years old.

Q:describe the natrual scene.some intersting things happened during ur tavel?
can u describe it for me? ur reason to travel is what?
A: The terrocotta warriors is the tomb of Qinshihuang emperor about 2000 years ago ,who is the first emperor in China history. In his tomb, there are thousands of terracotta warriors and horses.These terracotta warriors are lifelike(??),also there are lots of ancient weapons such as swords, spears and so on. It is said that the swords are very sharp-edged now.If you visit the museum, you will find how magnificent it is.

Q:give me some opinion on the transportation in ur city.
A: My city is Foshan. Here the public transportation are mainly buses and trains. There are no planes.People own motorcycles and bikes for transportations . Motorcycles are very popular and convenient. More and more people have private cars. Because of the preverances of those, environmental pollution is a very serious problem here. We should develop the public transportations and restrict private motorcycles and cars. By doing so, the environment can be proctected a bit.

Q: compare the different transportation,such as between plane,train,car.
A: Generally speaking, planes are the safest traffic transportation.It is very fast, but the flight tickets are very expensive in China. If you have a long distance trip more than 800 kilometers ,we should take planes . Trains are much cheaper than planes. If your destination is located near the train station and within 300 kilometers, you should take trains. They are more comfortable than planes. (??) of course,you take a plane or a train,you must catch plane or train by plane or train the most convenient tool is car,you can travel anytime and anywhere you like.

Q:can u just image the transportation in the future and describe it for me?
A: The transportations in the future will be much more useful , safer and (??)Maybe it runs on land,on water and on air

Q:just compare the transportation in the past and now. u like what transportation and why.
A:In China, long long time ago ,people used horse, cows, on foot. Then it has changed into bikes trains, Now we can travel by plane, train, bus, car, motorcycle. I personally like motorcycles, because they are very convenient.

Q:describe the role music play in our life.
A:I think music plays the important role of our life. It makes our life brighter. When we are happy, we want to listen to music for pleasure. When we are blue, we can be encouraged by listening to music. It helps us to forget the sad things. It makes us feel comfortable.

Q:what effects will take place u think to let children study an instrument?
A;I think some children like music and they are interested in learning instruments such as piano, violin, dulcimer, electronic organ and so on. If they have music talents, they can become musicians .But some children hate to learn music instruments. If they are forced to learn by parents, they will not be able to learn music and other subjects such as English, mathematics, Chinese.

Q:u like music or not?why?u think music play what role in ur life?
A: I like music so so.When I was young, I did not learn any musical instruments, I liked reading books listening to music after work.

Q:describe the music u like most and tell me why?
A:I like some Chinese classic music, and western symphony such as Spanish corrida music. I like rhythmical and strong music.

Q: u like what clothes?
A:I like the clothes which are comfortable for me to wear. I especially like sweat shirts, T-shirts and jeans

Q:the prescript on clothes when u r working?
A: Because I work for new high technology company ,all the male colleagues wears western-style clothes. They includes ties, white shirts, black suits, and black shoes. but female colleagues wears black skirts. The main reason for this is to establish a gooa enterprise image.

Q:and just the prescript on clothes in school.
A: In China school clothes are blue trousers, white shirts.There is a picture or name of the schools.

Q:the different between the older and younger people on clothes.
A: Generally speaking, young people like to wear fashionable clothes. but older people like to wear traditional ones.

describe a meaningful thing made by yourself.
The most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen.
where did you see it?
who did you go with.

A: Last year I went to the seaside for a trip with my wife and daughter.The scenery there was very beautiful. It is the most natural scenery I have ever seen.The ocean was blue. There are a lot of seagulls flying over the sea. And the sand beach was clean. There were no pollution there. A large number of people go enjoy swimming, sun bathing. playing with children.

Topic 12
Q: name
A: My full name is xxx. My family name is x and my given name is xx. Most of my friends call me "old li"(I have heard that "old " means "useless person" in western countries???)

Q: work
A:I am a computer engineer. My job is to analyze computer system and to develop soft wares such as OA system (office automatization),industry control and enterprise management and so on,

Q: work plan in the future
A: My work plan is to finish my task assigned to my boss and to improve my knowledge constantly. Computer technology is developing so fast.

Q: how frequent do you read?
A: In my spare time I like reading including history, newspaper, of course my computer books.

Q: what do you like to read the best?
A:I like to read computer books the best. because they are interesting and they are very important for my improvement of my job skills.

Q: where do you like to read?
A:Sometimes I enjoy reading at home, sometimes in our city library where there are a lot of new books.

Q: talk about your favorite restaurant. why do you like it?
A: There is a food street near my home. It has various kinds of foods such as Japanese, Italian and domestic foods from other regeional ones for example sichuan spicy food. shanxi food. On the food street, not only can we taste foreign foods and other regional foods but also eat my hometown foods, especially the noodles in my hometown, The foods are very cheap and clean. So I like them very much .