Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 2

3. friend:

Who is your best friend?
How did you meet?
What do you do with your friend?
Tell me the way you make friends with others and you think what people should be your friends?

My best friend is xxx. We were in the same class for 5 years. At that time, we often gather together to study and play. Now, we work in the same company.Friendship is extremely important to me. It’s like being brothers or sisters, but even more than that. I mean, I would do nearly anything for my friend,and I would expect that he would do the same for me. If he didn't help me when Iwas in need, then I would not consider him a good friend. I have a lot ofdifferent kinds of friends. Some are loud, others are shy. I prefer having a real variety of friends.

1) Do you think it is easy to make friends in China?
Yes, of course. Nowadays, transportation and communication are easy and convenient. We have more opportunities to meet all kinds of people and make friends with them.

2) what do you think the difference between adults and children making friend?
The difference is attitude or mindset between adults and children making friend. In general, children like to make friend with good students because they can help each other in studying. But adults make friends with anyone they like.

3) How do children make friend?
Children to children.

4) What is the most important thing in friendship?

5) What is the second important thing in friendship?
Helping each other.

6) What makes friendship break up? Misunderstanding
For example, when I studied in Chongqing University, one day, my roommate lost his watch. He thought I had taken it. At that moment, I was very angry but I said nothing, and then I helped him to look for the watch. Finally, we found it in his pocket. My roommate apologized to me. I forgave him his rudeness. So, I think trust is the most important thing between friends.

4. Festival

There are many festivals in China, such as Spring Festival, National Day and Yuan Xiao Festival etc. The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China. I suppose it's somewhat like Christmas is in western countries. Spring Festival is the only time when all amilies gather together and stores and business are closed for several days. During the Spring Festival, we eat delicious food, visit relatives and friends, and watch TV to welcome the New Year. I also like to try and contact some friends before and see how they’re doing and what they’ re up to. We give each other presents for the New Year.

Describe your latest interesting travel in detail.
When and where you go?
Whom you go with?
What things you do?

Last year, I went to Shilin with my wife. Shilin, is located about 80 kilometers from Kunming. Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province .It took us 3 days to get Shilin. Shilin is famous for its large areas of stone forests. All stones in Shilin are vividly shaped, resembling various figures. Some stones look like a monkey, and some stones look like a bird. In a word, the stones are fantastic. In addition, I met a classmate of Chongqing University in Shilin. We talked about the things and persons which we remembered in school. I think that is an interesting trip.

1) Describe some interesting things happened during your travel. Can u describe it for me?
Ok. I met a classmate of Chongqing University .We talked about the things and persons which we remembered in school. I think that is an interesting thing.

2) What is your goal to travel and your reason to travel is.
I enjoy traveling. It is so interesting to see how other people live, and it is really an amazing way to learn about different cultures.

3) Describe the advantage and disadvantage of travel for the country
Tourism is a useful source of foreign currency for the country, but
sometimes so me visitors destroy cultural heritage.

4) Why China can attract people to travel?
A 5,000--year cultural heritage attract more people to China.

5) Do Chinese people like to travel now?
Yes, of course. Since the opening-up, transportation is easy and convenient. Also, we have ample money for the journey.

6) Which festival do people travel in and where do people travel to?
We often go to resorts around National Day, such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

7) Compare the difference about traveling among Chinese people between 100 years ago and now?
100 years ago, transportation was very difficult; few people could travel in China because most of people were very poor. But now, transportation is easy and convenient and we have ample money for the journey.