Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1)

1. special gift:Describe the best present/gift you have received :
i. Who send it? What is the gift? What is it for?
ii. When did you receive it?
iii. Detail information about the present.

Last year , my wife celebrated my birthday at home. She bought a electronic dictionary as birthday gift. I like the electronic dictionary very much. It's blue and quite small. It fits into my pocket. I remember at that time, my wife said to me :"she decided to immigrate to Canada with me. In future, we must study very hard .And she hoped that the electronic dictionary could help me to improve my English." On that day, I was very happy because my wife agreed to immigrate to Canada finally. Also, with the help of the electronic dictionary , I made suchrapid progress that before long I began to write articles in English.

1) In China, when will people send the present?
Oh, attend the party, such as Wedding Party, Birthday Party. During SpringFestival, people give presents each other, including clothes, books, flowers and foods.

2) Compare the gift which people have received 10 years ago to the presentthat people now are receiving, what's the difference between them?( try to compare the gift you received in your teenage with the giftchildren received now )

Oh, I think the gift was monotonic before. For example, I often received anotebook as gift. But now, there are various gifts to choose from. Such asflowers, wine, food, clothes etc.

3) Just image the gift in the future children will receive.
In the future, I think more and more children will receive intellectualgifts, such as electronic dictionary, notebook computer and so on.

4) Just image the gift in the future people will receive.
In the future, oh, in most case, people will give flowers each other. I think flowers will bethe most popular present.

2. building
What is the interesting building in your country?
What is it located?What is it used for?
Explain why you think it is the most interesting?

I think the interesting building is the Great Wall. It runs across northChina like a huge dragon. It was used to enemies. Soldiers used to keep watch onthe Great Wall. When the enemy came , fires were lit to warn other soldiers.I think the Great Wall is the most interesting building. Because it is oneof the wonders of the world and it was one of the few man-made objects on earththat could be seen by the astronauts who landed on the moon. Also, the Great Wallhas become a symbol of both China's proud history and its present strength.

1) Are there some old buildings in your hometown? Where and Describe it?

Wenfeng Tower, built in 1420, is located in the southern of Anyang City.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, people came to the tower to worship the Godof Heaven and pray for a good harvest. Nowadays, it serves as a museum of history. Murals of Wenfeng Tower give visitors a feel for the great artisticachievements of ancient Chinese civilization. In a word, I think the Wenfeng Tower is the most interesting building, and it is the oldest building in my hometown.

2) Compare the differences between the constructions in your city with them in20 years ago? Describe the building styles in detail?

The traditional buildings are made of the red brick and always have curvedeaves. Thousands of buildings look the same. But now, various buildings withdifferent colors and styles have been going up in my hometown. In addition, roomis equipped with kitchen and bathroom. This is very convenient.
3) What are people's attitudes to old building today and that of our latergeneration? Should we protect them? Why?

People, including our later generation, advocate that government should protect old buildings .Because old buildings represent the great artisticachievements of ancient Chinese civilization.

4) What role do you think the old and modern buildings play in the society?

Oh, modern buildings are for us to live and work, while old buildings are for us to visit and research.

5) Compare the differences between house and apartment?

In China, there is a big yard beside house, where we can plant some flowersand trees etc. But house is more expensive. Apartment is convenient and cheap but small.