Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics (Version 1) - 9

Q:Do you think it necessary to learn these skills?

A:Yes,these skills are important parts of traditional culture. We need all kind of skills for our life.

Section 4:
Q:Is there any difference between your parents' study and nowadays children?

A: In the age of my father childhood, children hardly had opportunities to learn at school, They learned Chinese and mathematics in a small classroom. Sometime there were 3 to 4 children in the classroom. Of course the number of the teachers were very small. But nowadays in China almost all the children have chances to go to school. There are 30 to 40 students in each classroom. There are more qualified teachers.

Q:Do schools teach non-academic courses?A:Yes, Schools teach the students a lot of practical courses, such as how to operate computers, do business and communicate with others.

Q:Should school responsible for teaching these non- academic courses?A:I think so, schools are responsible for teaching these non- academic courses for the purpose that their students could find a good job after graduation. If they cannot get a good job due to their lack of non-academic course, their schools are not responsible for their students.

topic 17
Q:tell me something about you hometown
A:My hometown is Xi'an,which is in the northwestern of China. It is famous for its sites ,especially for the terra cotta warriors, which is the one of the eight wonders of world. The weather is extremely cold in winter. The temperature is about minus 20 degrees, and in summer the weather is fairly hot, The temperature is about 40 degrees. Of course, spring and autumn are comfortable.

Q:the adventages and disadvantages living in your hometown
A:I think the adventage living in my hometown are as follows; Firstly the prices of all food and vegetables are much lower. Secondly people are very kind.The disadvantage is that the weather is extremely cold in winter and fairly hot in summer.

Q:,compare the clothes wearing in the work days and weekend
A: We wear western style clothes on duty, and on weekends. We like to wear T-shirts, jeans, sweaters. These clothes are more comfortable to wear.

Q:can you tell me something about the clothes which students wear
A: Students at school usually wear school uniform,which are white shirt and blue pants,there is a pattern of the school badge on the clothes.

tell me a family memeber who is similare to you
1,who is them
2,what does she or he looks like
3,why do you think you are similar next
Q:can you tell me the old structure about your grandparents time
A: There were a lot of members of family, such as dad .mom, about 3 sisters,5 brothers, at the same time, they had a lot of uncles and aunts. Namely they had a large family.

Q:can you tell the structure of chinese family changed for yourgrandparents' time
A: Now we have a small family, There is only one child,( son or daughter) in Chinese cities ,but in country sides each family has no more than 2 children., we have the family planning policy. The increase of the population has caused a lot of problems, such as education problems, environment, pollution .

topic 18
Q:The most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen $B!W%= (B
A:Last year, I had a business trip to Shandong province,I went to a beach ,where I think is the most beautiful natural scenery, The ocean is very blue. The sand on the beach is pretty clean. There is no pollution.

Q:how should we protect these natural scenery $B!W%= (B
A: We should legislate laws to protect these scenery. In addition we should notice the consciousness of environment.

Q:what measures has the government taken to protect these natural
scenery $B!W%= (B

A:I think the government have legislated a lot of laws to protect the natural scenery. and give some education for environment protection

Q:what effect do you think have they done?
A: After government taking some measures ,our environment will have a great improvement.

Topic 19
Q;what do you do?
A:I am a computer engineer. I work for a hi-tech company.

Q:do you like your job,why?
A:yes I do,my job have bring me a lot of fun.???

Q:what's your hobby?
What's your favorite sport,why,when did you begin?what merit does it have?
What do you think the balanceboth work and leisure?
topic 20
Q: where is your home town?
A:: My home town is &&&.

Q:what's advantage and disavantages of your home town?
A: advantage is that it's that its economy is &&&&, disavantage is air pollution. and if you go on street wearing a white shirt,when you reach the destination, you can find your collar dark

Q:let's talk about the western music. Can you tell me the western music's impact on the world music?
A:The western music is definitely great. Often the symphony is long while most of china's music is in small pieces. Western music and Chinese ones are totally different. They are actually a great merit to human merit.

Q: why they are a great merit?
A: because they are ???.......

Q: do you think it's necessary to open a music course in high school?
A: Of course. There are usually one or two hours each week used for teaching music.I think there should be more, such as at least three or more.

Q: why?
A: Because music can do good for students . It can elicit the imagination of the children. It can teach them how to distinct beauty from nature.

Q; It's often much easier for children to learn music than adults. Can you tell why?
A: That's because it's important to have soft fingers and palms to learn music mechanisms, such as guitar. Children have more flexible fingers and are more likely to find correct feelings.

Q: ok.ok. do you like music?
a: Yes. I like singing, especiallly in front of many people. I often sing for my friends. when they praise me , i feel happy.

topic 21
Q: name
Q: work
Q: work plan in the future
Q: how frequent do you read?
A: Sometimes.

Q: what do you like to read the best?
A:I like to read caricature the best. It is very funny

Q: where do you like to read?
A: Sometime I read at the library or at the bookstore. Most of the bookstores are open,we can read books without buying them.
on the test card

Q: talk about your favorite restaurant.
Q: why do you like it?
extension of the card topic
Q:your opinions on fast food.
Q:general ideas about fast food among Chinese.
Q: what do you think about science in food processing/production.
Q: what is your opinion on food production and the world's population.
Q: your favorite transport and the tool of travel
A: If the trip is not long, I like to use my motorcycle, If trip is long, Ilike to take buses, coach trains or planes.

Q:Now many people buy car, who buy and the benefit of using a car,
A: Normally, if a car is important or necessary to his work or to his hobby and he has enough money to buy and maintain a car,I think he will buy a car.,

Q:and imagine the transport in the future.
A: Transportation in the future is much safer and faster. And more environmentally

Topic 24:
Q:What do you do?
A:I am a computer engineer,I work for a hi-tech company.

Q:work duty?
A:I am in charge of developing softwares.

Q:do you like your job ?
A: Yes. I do. If I finish a software,I will feel happy.

Q:if your are asked to change your job, what will you do ?
A:I will become a doctor ,and I hope to research new medicine for patients and save the patients who are suffering from cancer and AIDS,Ithink this is the most important things.

Q:what do you do at the weekend ?
A: If I have money, I like to go shopping, If I have not enough money I like to look at the show windows, sometimes I like to play with my wife and my the park
Q:what do you like to play?
A:sometime I like to play card with my friends,

Topic :interesting trip ,
Q:do chinese like to travel?why?
A:I think everyone likes to travel in China, but about 20 years ago, Chinese people have little money to travel ,with the open policy more and more Chinese people like to travel, because they have more time and money for travel.

Q:what are the defferences the chinese tour between now and 100 years
A:I think the most big difference is transportation tools, Now there are planes, trains,coaches ,buses and motocycles for travel ,but 100 years ago they used animals or travel,such as horse on land, camel in desert.

Q:what holiday do chinese like to tour,and where?
A:generally speaking,chinese people like to travel in the national days the spring festival,and international labour day,because in these holidays,we have a long holidays about 7 days.most people make use of these holiday to travel sceneries such as famous mountains,museums,and galleries.

Q:what is aim of gengral tour
A:to know outside world.and to enjoy their life

topic 25;
Q;what does the advertisement effect on sports?
A:well,we can see a lot of advertisements in sports stadium,I think,the more advertisements in the sports,the the more successfully the sports games hold,because the sport oragniser will get more money from advertisements and then do their best .